About Us

I always had a passion for my dogs, cooking, baking and traveling. For 30 years I have been making dog treats for my dogs, family and friend’s pets. From freinds and family encouraging  me to get my product to the public, its when I decided to start my business. I found myself concerned that many store-bought treats had chemicals that I just couldn’t pronounce, many contained meat by products, synthetic ingredients like propylene glycol, ethoxyquin, and nitrates. Ouch, I knew there had to be better options.  So, I came up with making pet treats human grade, treats that dog parents can eat as well.  Now these may not be as sweet for many of you sweet tooth lovers but they are tasty and satisying enough for dogs.  My treats do not contain sugar, salt, soy or preservatives. They are made with wholesome ingredients that you can actually pronounce! Like many of you dog parent, I wanted to understand the ingredients in the foods that our pet eats. ​Like our ingredients, my drive is to help our dogs live a healthier, happier life longer. 

Our treats are unique. we make emPAWnadas, smores, donuts, pretzels and so much more.

Our treats are made in small batch to ensure freshness, using the very best ingredients. You can feel confident that you are getting a product that your dog will love and enjoy time and time again. I use organic, all natural proteins, grains and vegetables. As an artist I like to think outside of the box and so aside from bones, I have come up with some cool and unique treats such as cannoli, smores, pupcakes, peanut butter cups which only contains two ingredients carob and organic peanut butter, cool! 

Finn, my golden retriever, he’s my CFO, Chief Flavor Officer, he approves all my treats and if he doesn’t approve it doesn’t make the cut.  I hope I have answered any questions or concerns you may have had and if not shoot me a line. I look forward doing business with you.  Oh, btw send us a pic of your beloved four legged chid and I would be so happy to include them on our  Pet Rocks! page.