What makes a happy dog?

What makes a happy dog?

What makes a happy dog? Like humans, dogs can de different from others.  A happy dog can bring a ton of joy, comfort and unconditional love to our lives.  We ask ourselves, is my dog happy? How can I improve my dog’s happiness? Here are some questions to consider.

  • Do we spend enough quality time together?
  • Such as playing, walking, snuggling? 
  • Is my dog bored at home?
  • Is my dog getting enough exercise?
  • Does my dog prefer to be indoor or outdoor?
  • Does my dog enjoy mealtime?

Another question many of us as, How can I improve my dog’s life?

  • Going for walks or hikes
  • Healthy yummy dog treats and meals
  • Play fun with toys
  • Play dates with other dogs
  • Quality time snuggling on the couch

 So what are happy dog signs.?  

  • A relaxed posture
  • Bright clear eyes
  • Healthy appetite
  • Social interaction
  • Relaxed ears
  • Sleeping peacefully
  • Wagging tail
  • Content and comfortable in their surroundings.

We would love hear your thoughts experience on what makes your dog happy.

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