Organic Dog Treats for your four legged child

Organic Dog Treats for your four legged child

We love our pups and just love to spoil them to death and why not?  At times, we find ourselves purchasing treats only to learn our pups where not thrilled with them.  We read the packaging ingredients and boy trying to pronounce those ingredients. The time spend looking into what these ingredients actually were.  Then the marketing scheme "All Natural" on their label. Yeah, right...  I am confident many of us have been there.

This is what got me going into making organic pet treats for my dogs years ago.  Over the years I have shared them with friends and family.  I was always told, you should sell these my dogs love them.  So I decided to take the plunge and make my pet treats avaible to the public. 

We use Organic and all natural ingredients.  Ingredients grown without pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, preservatives, artificial flavors, and industrial solvents. There are no corn, soy, toxic chemicals and  no GMO.  Our beef is organic, there are no hormones or antibiotics. These efforts not only will control dogs weight but it will help make our dogs healthier, great skin and beautiful shiny coats.  

Some of my passions are cooking, baking and of course dogs.  As an artist I decided to think outside of the box.  So I decided to add more to my bones and treats.  I now offer an ambundance of unique and fun pet treats.  Such as peanut butter cups which contains only two ingredients Carob and peanut butter.  My Finn's favorite Macarons, there are oreos, and one of my favorites cannoli. What's great that you can actually pronouce my organic and all natural ingredients and they are human grade!  I personally like to share a slice of  carrot and pumpkin cake with Finn and enjoy it with a cup of coffee.

Come visit my store and enjoy the excitement that many of my customers and thier dogs have experienced.  There's always free shipping on orders $49 or more.



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